Some of the International Publications Our Genie ​Models have been featured in the past Year!

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summer 2024 shoot series

Outdoor Bath Shoot

Outdoor Bed Photoshoot ​in Florida Fields

River Photoshoot in ​Florida

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The Genie Models, an internationally published series of ​photographic artworks, are the brainchild of The Genie ​Magic Photography. Known for its innovative approach, ​The Genie Magic Photography has transformed this ​captivating project into a full-fledged model agency, ​specializing in alternative models. By blending imaginative ​themes with stunning visual effects, the Genie Models have ​captivated audiences worldwide, showcasing the studio's ​creativity and technical prowess. Now, as a model agency, ​The Genie Models continue to push the boundaries of ​traditional photography, offering a platform for unique ​and unconventional beauty to shine on the global stage.

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Based in sunny florida

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